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Custom T-shirt Quilts--with YOUR favorite t-shirts!

Custom T-shirt Quilts--with YOUR favorite t-shirts!

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Are you a t-shirt collector? Do you have lots of shirts with great memories attached to them? Instead of keeping them in a drawer cuz they mean something to you, let's put them in a quilt that you can look at and use and relive those memories any time you want!


This is one I just finished and, as you can see, they love it! You send me your shirts and I come up with a design, including any sashing fabric to bring them together.  The shirts are already well-loved and are comfy to snuggle with.  

Price depends on the size and number of shirts you send me.  I cut them up to include any logos/names, add interfacing to the back to stabilize them (so they don't stretch during sewing), puzzle-piece them together to make you a custom-made, one-of-a-kind quilt.


Message me and let's get working!  I love making memories for people and with a personalized quilt like this, I'm in seventh heaven.


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