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Quilt Pattern
Technical Editing Services

Immediate openings available!!

Why should I have my pattern go through Technical Editing?

With our expertise and keen attention to detail, we act as that second set of eyes, meticulously examining every aspect of your pattern. From instructions and diagrams to measurements, math, and terminology, we leave no stone unturned. Our goal is to minimize the risk of errors and ensure that your patterns are polished and ready to be embraced by your customers. 


A well-written pattern not only enhances the quilting experience for your customers but also builds a solid reputation for your brand. By collaborating with us for technical editing, you can confidently offer patterns that instill trust and satisfaction in your customers, leading to increased sales and repeat business. Happy customers are returning customers.


Let us be your trusted partner in pattern refinement. Experience the difference that our professional services can make in elevating your quilt patterns to perfection. Together, we'll create patterns that bring joy and success to both you and your customers.


What is a Technical Editor?

Technical Editing (sometimes called Tech Editing) is a comprehensive, extensive review of your quilt pattern to ensure it is as concise, accurate, and user-friendly as possible. We can offer a pair of fresh eyes on your pattern and support you in minimizing the risk of errors, making sure your pattern is ready for your customers. Well-written patterns make happy customers and happy customers lead to more sales!


A tech editor needs to work with details and math as well as know how to edit copy. They make sense of the steps, both line-by-line and overall, and know how to calculate fabric requirements from the many individual pieces to cutting calculations to overall amounts of fabric. There are lots of numbers to keep track of in creating a pattern so organization is a valuable skill for tech editing.

What we do when tech editing a pattern:​

  • Proofread and edit the written instructions for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

  • Make sure the language uses industry-standard conventions and terminology.

  • Check fabric requirements from the smallest piece to the overall quilt.

  • Verify cutting instructions and make sure they are understandable to all levels of quilters.

  • Do a complete review of all quilt math, including finished block and quilt sizes.

  • Check to verify the diagrams and illustrations match the steps and are easy to understand.

  • Make sure the pattern is easy to follow. Are the steps simple and straightforward? Do the instructions make sense or could they be phrased in a different way?

  • Look at the pattern as a whole. Does it flow well? Do the headers and sections make sense?

  • Determine if the language appropriate for the skill level.

  • Assist with coaching for pattern writing and make suggestions to improve the quality and clarity of a pattern....especially for new designers.

Lisa is amazing! She has edited my last batch of patterns very professionally.  She event helps with quilt math!


I am so beyond thankful for your notes and the time you took to do this for me. Your comments were great in my opinion! I felt they were positive and great suggestions. I also felt like if I had any questions, I could come to you and ask you.


Much of what you have noted were issues that were making me crazy and had my eyes popping out of my head! Some I never noticed at all.

I liked how the suggested edits were presented back to me. I love a check list and a visual tool.

Very helpful and much cleaner than edits I do with pen and note taking.


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