Technical Editing Services

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Why should I have my pattern go through Technical Editing?


Technical Editing (sometimes called Tech Editing) is a comprehensive, extensive review of your quilt pattern to ensure it is as concise, accurate, and user-friendly as possible. I can offer a pair of fresh eyes on your pattern and support you in minimizing the risk of errors, making sure your pattern is ready for your customers. Well-written patterns make happy customers and happy customers lead to more sales!

When I tech edit your pattern, my review will include the following:

* Proofreading and editing the written instruction for spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency

* Making sure the language uses industry standard terminology

* Checking fabric requirements

* Verifying cutting instructions and making sure they are understandable

* A complete review all quilt math, including finished block and quilt sizes

* Do the diagrams and illustrations match the steps?
* Is the pattern easy to follow? Do the instructions make sense, or could it be phrased in a different way?

* Looking at the pattern as a whole. Does it flow well? Do the headers make sense?

* Appropriate language for skill level

* Overall coaching for pattern writing

Are you ready? Here's how it works......

  • Fill out the form below to contact me and we'll get you on the schedule.

  • Once the first draft of the pattern is complete, BEFORE you send to testers, you will send me a PDF copy of the pattern for review. 

  • Turnaround time is usually 3 - 5 working days.

  • I’ll send back your PDF with edits and a spreadsheet with suggestions. I'll also attach additional  diagrams if I think they might help.

  • Edits will include not only suggested revisions, but also the WHY behind them and in some cases HOW to improve.

  • Billing is included on the spreadsheet in 15 minute increments; rates available upon request.

  • The work can be concluded at that stage, but many clients will generally make their changes and come back for a quick check for the updated pattern (billed at the same rates).

  • I will present an invoice with the final pattern edits; please pay it within 48 hours. It can be paid via Paypal or Venmo (your choice).

  • We agree to keep each other’s work and intellectual property completely confidential.

Sound good?

Let's get started!

I’d love to help elevate your patterns and business to the next level!

Lisa is amazing! She has edited my last batch of patterns very professionally.  She event helps with quilt math!


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