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Pattern Ghost
Writing Services

Are you a quilt pattern designer seeking assistance in any aspect of the pattern writing process? Look no further than our ghostwriting services. Whether you're facing time constraints, struggling with creating diagrams, unsure about wording, or grappling with calculating fabric requirements, our expert
team is here to help.

With our services, we offer flexible support tailored to your specific needs. We can assist with a small part of the process or take on the full scope of pattern writing. We work closely with you to understand your vision and requirements, ensuring that your unique voice and style are preserved throughout the pattern.


From conceptualization to completion, we provide guidance, expertise, and professional insights to help you create patterns that truly shine. Our collaborative approach empowers you to overcome any obstacles in the pattern writing journey, ultimately enabling you to produce exceptional quilt patterns that stand out in the market.


Unlock your full creative potential and produce outstanding quilt patterns with the dedicated support of Quilt Pattern Writers. Let us be your trusted partner in bringing your quilting visions to life, with seamless collaboration, exceptional quality, and unmatched expertise. Together, we'll create patterns that inspire and captivate quilting enthusiasts worldwide.

Once you fill out the informational form, we will set up a video chat to find out about your vision and discuss details.  Your quilt pattern then goes into our new database so all the notes are maintained in an organized manner.  You will receive regular updates and approve templates once we begin designing. When you are satisfied with the start, we will work diligently to bring your pattern to life to be returned to you completed and ready for testing. Trust us, we know how to write a quilt pattern!

We now also provide an elite optional service of  Pattern Testing Virtual Assistance to assist in obtaining barcodes, gathering pattern testers, organizing the pattern testing process, and collecting tester photographs for social media posts.  

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Right from the start, I knew Lisa and I were going to get along great and that my pattern ideas no matter at what stage they were in, she is able to make them each into a beautiful visual reality.  I also appreciate the collaborative approach we have to our check-ins and couldn't be even happier! There is a huge value in knowing that I can trust and turn over the ghost pattern writing technical pieces to Lisa so I can focus on other elements of my creative processes. Her skills with instructional block designs and step-by-step instructions are top-notch! It’s a win-win for us quilt pattern designers and quilt entrepreneurs in this field. 


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