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Pattern Tester Virtual Assistant

My pattern is ready for testers!

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We are accepting new clients!

Your pattern is written and now it's ready for testing by quilters. How exciting is that?!  One step closer to getting your new pattern out into the world.

Maybe the idea of coordinating quilt pattern testers is overwhelming for you. Maybe it just takes too much time that you don't have at the moment. Or maybe you'd rather spend your time working on another new pattern.  In any case, we are here to help!

What is a Pattern Tester Virtual Assistant?  It is our new elite service to help designers. Collaboratively, Mountain View Quilts and CMarie Quilts will:

     * find qualified testers for your patterns from our database,

     * contact testers with guidelines and your new pattern,

     * make a schedule for testing and photograph completion,

     * set up reminders and communicate with testers throughout the process,

     * compile notes for pattern clarity and correctness,

     * gather photographs of the completed quilts (quilt tops)

     * organize everything together to return to you 

The fine print stuff:

  • Billing is included on a spreadsheet invoice in 15 minute increments; rates available upon request.  Minimum amount billed is 30 min.

  • The work can be concluded at that stage, but many clients will generally make their changes and come back for a quick check for the updated pattern (billed at the same rates).

  • I will present an invoice with the final pattern edits; please pay it within 48 hours. It can be paid via Paypal or Venmo (your choice).

I'd like more information on
Pattern Tester Virtual Assistant services

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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