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What's been going on here in the mountains?

Mountain View Quilts, handmade custom quilts, custom quilt, handmade baby quilt
Mountain View Quilts

It's been a crazy summer but now it's my favorite season here in the mountains! I love fall up here because wherever you turn, there are beautiful colors. Add in the morning fog and it can be breathtaking.....and chilly.

I've been learning not only the manual longarm machine over the last few months, but recently I started learning the computerized machine as well. A couple weeks ago I did the computerized longarm on a special Wizard of Oz quilt gift. It's so cool to be able to pick out intricate quilt designs and just let the machine do its thing. This one had tornadoes, hot air balloons, ruby slippers and a magic wand. I can't wait to get it to a dear family friend who is an Oz maniac.

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While I was in Paducah, KY this week I finally visited the National Quilt Museum. I've been going to Paducah for the last 8 years or so, several times a summer, and I've never been! It was fascinating--so many beautiful quilts. If you've never been and are in the area, you really need to go. The exhibits rotate in and out every few months so there's always something new.

custom handmade quilt, pieced quilt
National Quilt Museum 3D exhibit

They had some 3D items this time with jackets and these really cool hanging quilts. The definition of a quilt is three layers sewn together. That leaves quite a bit of latitude!

pieced quilt, handmade quilt, custom handmade quilt, custom quilt
"Improv" pieced quilt

There were several "improv" quilts, too. One of these days I'm going to try this. Think of all the possibilities!

pieced quilt, pet quilt, animal quilt, handmade custom quilt, handmade quilt, custom baby quilt
Dogs in the City fabric

I'm pretty much all caught up on my handmade custom quilts right now so I've got a fun dog quilt on the table right now. I like to make animal/pet quilts to display at our dog groomer's shop to sell. All the proceeds go to our local Humane Society so they can buy food, crates, supplies or whatever they need. They, like so many others, are overcrowded and underfunded. This is the fabric I'm using and I'm kind of making up the pattern as I go along.

Also in the studio, I'm building my business of quilt pattern technical editing for designers who have a pattern getting ready to release and ghost writing quilt patterns from scratch for designers who have a design but don't like to write the words/piecing diagrams for the pattern. This has been a fun expansion to Mountain View Quilts. It uses my auditing (details and numbers) background and I've met some wonderful designers. People in the quilting community are so kind and very creative. If you, or someone you know, need tech editing or ghost writing services, have them contact me through the website.

There will be at least four new quilts added to the website (including this holiday

Christmas quilt, holiday quilt, handmade custom quilt, handmade holiday quilt, quilt pattern tech editor, quilt pattern technical editing, quilt pattern ghost writing, quilt pattern ghost writer
My Baron "helping" assemble

quilt) over the coming days so be sure to check them out! And remember, if you are a first time purchaser of quilts, Studio 180 tools, or even editing services, you get a 10% discount with the code INTRO10PERCENT. Also check out my new My Favorite Quilty Things for items I use in my own studio--I only recommend items I actually use and like.

I hope you are having a wonderful fall! It's not going to be long and we'll be having Christmas and a new year. Stay in touch!


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