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Happy 2023! What will your new year bring?

Updated: Jan 1

We're excited to bring you all things quilting in 2023!

I'm not one to make New Years resolutions but I do like to have a few goals in mind for the coming year. Losing weight and starting an exercise plan are never part of those goals, however (as much as I like to think they should be!).


Every year about this time I reflect on where my journey has taken me over the last 12 months and where I want it to go in the coming year. As I look back on 2022, it's surprising how far my journey has come both in quilting and personally. In the quilting arena, I......

* Started this website (& reformatted it half a dozen times!)

* Sewed 18 quilts -- custom orders, t-shirt quilts, and quilts I wanted to make

* Learned how to use the longarm machine and now longarm my own quilts

* Took both a quilt business workshop and a quilt pattern designing workshop

* Began doing quilt technical editing and now have several regular customers and am editing for a major fabric company (and I even have a calendar schedule now!)

* Ghost written several patterns for designers

* Made so many fabulous quilty friends including designers, clients, and my great small group from the pattern writing workshop

On the personal front, I.....

* Took a bunch of trips with my wonderful hubby to FL, VA, CO, and a bunch of drag racing venues (my secret fun hobby) as well as some local hiking spots

* Went to my "happy place" in Paducah KY seven times (including Hancock's Fabric and the Quilting Museum) and saw my arty friends

* Did a major purge and reorganization in my quilt studio (bye bye mixed media supplies)

* Got Covid....twice..... (ugh!)

All in all, I'd say it was another fun, creative, and productive year. It's going to be a hard act to follow in 2023.

Looking forward

So where to go in the new year? My Top 5 goals for 2023 are (if I say it out loud, I'll have to be accountable!).....

* Sell more quilts!